Action Alert | Janders Dean Made Signing the GA Pledge an Easy Conference Priority. You Can, Too.

Check out what our friends at “the world’s leading independent legal industry management consultancy”, Janders Dean, did at a recent conference.


Each table at their Janders Dean Horizons conference had an iPad open to the GA Pledge so attendees could easily sign and declare that they “will not serve as a panelist at a public conference when there are no women on the panel." A number of people immediately signed on to the GA Pledge thanks to Janders Dean Horizons support.

Janders Dean has been a huge supporter of GenderAvenger’s work for many years and has been a loud voice working towards more gender equal conferences. We are grateful to have them as an ally.

Getting people to sign the @GenderAvenger Pledge was easy for @JandersDean at their #JDHorizons conference. What’s stopping you from doing the same at your next event? #GenderAvenger

* “Big” = a spectacular GenderAvenger coffee mug.