High-Fives to The Incite Group for Achieving Near-Perfect Gender Balance

Later this month, the Incite Group will be featuring “an unrivalled speaker line-up of marketing visionaries” at their Brand Marketing Summit, and we’re so pleased that 47% of those speakers are women! Coming from companies like Hulu, Mattel, Levis, Google, and Twitter, this group of speakers is a more balanced representation of the actual audiences these brands market to. It’s refreshing to see a conference of this caliber with an almost equally split speaker lineup.


All they need to do now is include more women of color!

The organizers of #InciteSummit are getting it right with their more balanced line up of marketing visionaries. Up next, adding women of color. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/action-alert-incite-group-achieving-balance