Action Alert | Gender Balance at ASAE Annual Meeting Is Good, Except for the Keynotes

It’s hard to think of an organization that can cast a wider net when it comes to finding speakers than the American Society of Association Executives. An association for association executives surely must have access to top notch expertise in almost any field, so why are all the keynote speakers at their upcoming annual meeting men? There are 2 keynote addresses and 3 dudes delivering them. What’s truly unfortunate is that the rest of the speaker lists is well balanced. The “Game Changers” speakers group includes 33% men and 67% women, 50% of whom are women of color, and the rest of the program will be delivered by 34% men and 66% women, 14% of whom are women of color.

If only one of the keynote speakers was a woman, we would be commending the gender balance rather than questioning why all the women will be in breakout sessions rather than on the main stage.

All the keynote speakers at @ASAEcenter’s Annual Meeting & Exposition are men, but the rest of the gender balance is pretty good. Why not feature women on the mainstage? #ASAE #GenderAvenger