Action Alert | The Federalist Society Needs to Include More Women

According to their website, the Federalist Society takes responsibility for “reordering priorities within the legal system to place a premium on individual liberty, traditional values, and the rule of law.” So, when the Texas Chapters met for their annual conference last week, many of you took note of the fact that there were not enough women speaking. There is no way that a group made up of only 19% women, none of whom are women of color, can provide a holistic outlook on what the priorities of the legal system should be, nor can it speak to individual liberties when only 50% of the individuals the laws protect are represented.

The Texas Chapters of @FedSoc annual meeting was basically one giant #manel. Only 19% of the speakers were women, and none of them were women of color. What a disgrace. #FedSocEvents #genderavenger