Action Alert | EU Panel Watch Report: How Thick is the Glass Ceiling in Brussels?

Our friends at EU Panel Watch have released a study on gender representation at policy conferences in Brussels. Spoiler alert: It’s not good. During the timeframe evaluated, a mere 33% of all speakers were women, just 3% were women of color, and 26% of all panels had ZERO women speakers. At this rate, it will take 80 years to reach gender parity.

On a topic as important as EU policy, diversity cannot be an afterthought. As EU Panel Watch puts it: “If it’s just the same people talking all the time, there will be issues, views, and not to mention solutions, that are excluded. That's a huge weakness in our policy and decision-making.”


.@EUPanelWatch is shining a light on the lack of diverse perspectives in policy discussions in #Brussels. It’s time for institutions to prioritize inclusion. We can’t wait 80 years to reach gender parity. #GenderAvenger