Action Alert | Girl Wins Golf Tournament, Boy Takes Home the Trophy


Riddle us this. If a woman participates in a sporting event with men, using all the same equipment and following all the same rules, and wins that event fair and square, shouldn’t she be named the winner and allowed to move on to the next level? Not according to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Last week, when high school golfer Emily Nash won the Central Mass Division 3 Boys' Golf Tournament in Massachusetts, her trophy was given to the runner up (a boy) and she was told she was not eligible to continue on to the state tournament — all because of a ridiculous “boys only” rule. Then, to make matters worse, instead of recognizing the absurdity of this rule and agreeing to change it, the MIAA simply congratulated the “female golfer” for her ability and effort without ever using her name.

It’s time for @MIAA033 to review archaic rules and let #EmilyNash play. #genderavenger