Action Alert | The Digital Music Forum Speaker Lineup is Horrible

Digital Music Forum

Here’s a good old-fashioned word problem for you:

On its website, Digital Music Forum describes itself as:

the leading event for senior representatives working in the music industry including artists, managers, labels, brands, digital services, marketing agencies, festival directors, investors and concert promoters. Unlike some other industry events, Digital Music Forum focuses on bringing together the people who really matter to meet in a lively yet intimate environment that allows access and privacy to build and grow relationships and partnerships.

If 80% of the “people who really matter” at October 4th’s Digital Music Forum are men and only 20% are women, whose voices do the organizers value most?

According to @DMWNews speakers list, women only account for 20% of “the people who really matter” in the music industry. We call foul. #genderavenger