Action Alert | CES Is Leaving Us Stunned… In A Good Way

Last year at this time, we were neck-deep in criticism of the organizers of CES and their excuses. There were not enough women on stage, and no one at CES did anything about it. Conversely, the 2019 speaker list is blowing us away! As of this writing, the list of keynoters consists of 45% women, 60% of whom are women of color, and the entire featured speaker list is even more phenomenal with 50% men and 50% women, 62% of whom are women of color.

Read our letter of congratulations to CES on achieving a GA Gold Stamp of Approval!


This means CES has gone from having an abysmal gender balance at their last event to being awarded a GA Gold Stamp of Approval for CES 2019. We applaud the organizers of CES 2019 and the effort they put in to correct their huge oversight in 2018.

The @CES speaker lineup at #CES2019 has moved from abysmal to earning a @GenderAvenger Gold Stamp of Approval, and our utmost respect. #GenderAvenger