Action Alert | The Center For Fiction's Panel On Violence In America Includes Only Men

When Avenger Leila Walsh received an invitation from The Center For Fiction to their I Am America: Violent Streets/Warring Hearts, she replied to ask why there wasn’t even one woman author included on a panel about violence in America, especially since so many women have experienced violence first hand. While women are listed in the series description, the first and only scheduled event features solely men. As a fan of one of the authors speaking, Walsh was hoping to attend the event, but has decided to skip it unless they add a woman speaker.

According to their website, I Am America is a series of conversations “with writers and artists to explore what it means to be a part of these (sometimes) United States.” We assume they understand that includes women, too, but they don’t act like it.


4 men and no women discussing violence and turmoil in the United States and abroad. It’s as if women have nothing to say on the topic. A big miss for the @Center4Fiction. #genderavenger