Action Alert | Time to Hit the Books and Lift Up Women Authors Again

Inspired by a Twitter thread that includes famed author Celeste Ng, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley School of Information David Bamman took a closer look at the New York Times’ “By the Book” interview series. What he found is probably of no surprise to anyone.


When asked the question "What's on your nightstand?", the 100 most recent interviewees published in the “By the Book” section answered in the following ways: Women “mention men and women as authors about equally (48.9% women/51.1% men, 264 mentions), while men interviewed mention other men four times as frequently as women (20.8% women/79.2% men, 231 mentions).”

So let’s help them out, GenderAvengers. Tell us what books by women authors are on your nightstand (or in your e-reader or library queue).

Women interviewed for the @NYTimesBooks By the Book series mention men and women authors equally. Men only mention women 21% of the time. Hit @GenderAvenger with the books by women authors that you're reading! h/t @jesch30 #genderavenger