Action Alert | Bill Maher and Staff Need to Shape Up and Find More Women

GenderAvenger Cat Del Buono (@catdelbuono) has been keeping an eye on Real Time with Bill Maher, and, cue the sad trombone, there are still too many men at the table.

Take a look at the men-heavy tallies of panelists* from both May and June. Bill Maher and his staff should take the summer to shape up and find more women to include on each episode’s panel.

*Tally numbers only pertain to the panel portion of the show.

Is there something you’d like to tally each month for GenderAvenger? Just let us know.

#GenderAvenger @catdelbuono has tallied the panelists on @RealTimers, and there are way too many men at the table. How will you fix this, @billmaher?