Action Alert | Surprise! AI in Pharma Conference Features Too Many Men


It should come as no surprise that technology is playing a role in the future of healthcare and pharmaceuticals for men and women alike. And another thing that should come as no surprise? A conference focusing on AI in Pharma that doesn’t have enough women speakers. AI World’s AI in Pharma conference features only 22% women. This means that, yet again, all those gathered to hear the “CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and Global AI, IT and Informatics Experts from leading pharmaceutical and technology companies” lead visionary conversations will really just hear one-sided thoughts that represent only half of the population who will use said technological advances.

Another AI conference, another unbalanced speaker list. @AIWorldExpo’s AI in Pharma conference only features 22% women, and that’s just not enough! #AI #pharma #genderavenger