Action Alert | According to Adweek, 2018's Biggest Decision Makers Are Men

During our weekly GenderAvenger meeting, we talked at length about our strategy to call out “Adweek’s 2018 Power List: 100 Cutting-Edge CEOs in Marketing, Media, Branding and Tech”.

Adweek described the list — comprised of 89% men and 11% women (18% of whom are women of color) — as an “eclectic mix". “Abysmal” is much more accurate. When we saw this tweet by the brilliant Cindy Gallop, we knew we couldn’t say it better.

When @Adweek’s 2018 “eclectic" Power List has an abysmal 11% women (only 18% of whom are women of color), it's time to expand our definition of power and what we value in leadership. Eclectic, it's not. #genderavenger