Action Alert | 2020 Democratic Presidential Town Halls Feature All Men Moderators

On April 22, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard Kennedy School, and CNN will co-host a series of 2020 Democratic Presidential town hall meetings with five of the Democratic presidential candidates. These town halls are meant to focus on the topics important to young voters from New Hampshire and students from the two host schools.

We happen to be very familiar with one topic important to young people all over the country, gender equality, and yet every one of the five town hall meetings is being moderated by a man. The group of candidates is diverse, the images the IOP is using to promote the event feature diversity, but the CNN anchors leading the conversation only represent half of the constituency who will be voting for these candidates.

We need to let the media and sponsors know, because young people will definitely care about the limited choice of moderators.

There are no women moderating youth-focused 2020 Democratic Presidential town halls. Young people will notice and care. Tell hosts @CNN, New Hampshire Institute of Politics at @saintanselm, and @HarvardIOP that this is a major fail. #GenderAvenger