Action Alert | The Future is Bright for FUTURE NOW, a Gold GA Stamp of Approval Winner


The FUTURE NOW Media & Entertainment Conference took place last week, and we’re sorry we missed it, because their speaker list was on point! It was so on point, in fact, that it earns them a retroactive Gold GA Stamp of Approval!

We’ve got high standards for a Gold GA Stamp of Approval (at least 40% women, of whom 50% are women of color), and it feels great to recognize organizers who put in the work to meet them. At FUTURE NOW, media professionals talked about how to succeed in the industry, and they are definitely walking that talk — 65% of the speakers were women, of which 62% were women of color! This conference sets a good example for future media and entertainment industry professionals, and it provides them with an opportunity to see that your gender does not need to define your success.

Have you attended a conference with a gender-balanced speaker list? We want to hear about it. Submit a tally and recommend it for a Stamp of Approval so we don’t miss out on giving credit where credit is due!

We’re so pleased to award @FutureNowMF a Gold @GenderAvenger Stamp of Approval. This conference proves the media industry can get it right with a 65% women speaker list, 62% of them women of color! #FN19 #GenderAvenger