📣🚨 ACT NOW | Spotify, Country Music, and the Omission of Women Artists

photo credit:  Tim Mossholder , via  Unsplash

photo credit: Tim Mossholder, via Unsplash

Wow! This tweet from Celia V. Harquail really led us down a rabbit hole of gender imbalance in music streaming services, especially as it relates to the country music industry.

We discovered that there are already so many poignant and insightful pieces about Spotify, country music, and gender representation, that we wanted to give our fellow GenderAvengers some love and share their eye-opening work with you here.

Add these to your reading list and take to social media to demand that Spotify, popular music stations, and everyone else allow these women the opportunity to have their music, and voices, heard. 

📣🚨 It’s time for @Spotify to play music by women as often as music by men because @lizpelly, @data_jada and @sophiamenriquez have the data to prove it’s not happening. cc: @cvharquail #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/act-now-spotify-country-music-women-artists