📣🚨 ACT NOW | Procore's Groundbreak Conference Is Putting Up Walls for Women Speakers

Procore’s construction industry conference Groundbreak kicks off next week, and, in spite of the fact that women are emerging as experts in the industry, their speaker list is very man-heavy. 71% of the keynote speakers are men and only 29% are women, with no women of color, and the session speakers are 65% men and 35% women, only 13% of whom are women of color. Added together, 66% of the total list are men and 34% are women, only 12.5% of whom are women of color, which is not good.


There is really no excuse for not having more women speaking at Groundbreak 2019, and it’s time to call them out for it.

📣🚨 Hey @procoretech, instead of building doorways for women, your Groundbreak conference is putting up walls. There are not enough women speaking, and there is no excuse for that. #GenderAvenger #GBK19 https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/act-now-procore-groundbreak-2019-conference