📣🚨 ACT NOW: Forbes Only Put One Woman On Its List of the 100 Most Innovative Leaders. Biased Much?

** UPDATE (9/10/2019): We’re pleased to have received a positive response from Forbes editor Randall Lane saying he would share our advice with the task force he has convened to quickly address the issue of lists. **


Our apologies for sending out two emails in one day, but this atrocity simply could not wait until Monday. We were appalled to see this list of America’s Most Innovative Leaders from Forbes which consists of 99 men and just 1 woman, whom you’ll only find if you scroll waaaaaaaay down to #75. Thank you to Sarah Joyce Franklin for getting fired up and sharing this on Twitter. We urge the GenderAvenger community to do the same. Forbes needs to know we’re holding them accountable for their lazy, irresponsible, and appallingly retrograde list-making.

📣🚨 Are you serious with this, @Forbes? In what universe is only ONE of the 100 most creative and successful business minds of today a woman? This list is lazy, irresponsible, and retrograde. We demand you do better. #GenderAvenger https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/act-now-forbes-list-100-most-innovative-leaders