60 Minutes Snubs Women-Led Tech Companies

On the Sunday, March 3 broadcast, the news magazine 60 Minutes ran a story titled “Closing the Gender Gap in Technology”. They featured the CEO of Code.org, who is a man, sharing his thoughts on how to get more women and girls involved in technology. The piece neglected to feature any of the women-led organizations like Girls Who Code, littleBits, Black Girls Code, NCWIT, and Kode with Klossy that work tirelessly to bring more girls into computing and STEM.

The CEOs of both littleBits and Girls Who Code reacted to the story giving their accounts of the 60 Minutes backstory, outlining how their research was used without attribution, or their interview with 60 Minutes producers ended up on the cutting room floor as a “casualty” of a bigger, more well-known organization, run by a man.

This story is not over, and we’re closely following community uproar here, here and here.

When @60Minutes & @CBSNews erased women-led orgs from a story on lack of women in #tech, they compounded the exact gender gap they were talking about. #GenderAvenger cc: @GirlsWhoCode @littleBits @BlackGirlsCode @NCWIT @kodewithkloss https://www.genderavenger.com/blog/60-minutes-snubs-women-led-tech-companies