6 Ways to Celebrate Women's History Month with GenderAvenger

Happy Women’s History Month, GenderAvengers! Are you looking for a way to celebrate? Want to make some history of your own? Get in the Women’s History Month spirit and start taking action today! At GenderAvenger, we work to ensure women are always part of  the public dialog, and we’ve got six ways you can take action for women today.

Watch "GenderAvenger: Episode 1" and Learn How to Beat the Excuses

Get inspired by the fearless heroine in our video! Your voice has power, and we want you to be ready for the excuses people come up with when they are challenged about a lack of women in their lineup. We compiled a list of the Top 10 classic excuses we’ve come across and our suggestions for how you can respond to them.

Download the GA Tally and Start Shining a Spotlight on Gender Balance

Spot a conference lineup with few or no women? See a panel or top list that’s nearly all male? GenderAvenger has the solution, and it starts with the GA Tally. Enter event numbers into the GA Tally to create and share pie charts on Twitter and Facebook to shine a spotlight on gender inequalities and give kudos to balanced lineups. It’s free and available for Android, iOS, and desktop.

Nominate a Conference for the GenderAvenger Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame

We want to hear from you. Which conferences belong in the GenderAvenger Hall of Shame? Who needs a push to increase their number of women speakers? Who deserves some kudos for consistently gender-balanced lineups. As a nominator, you can choose to stay anonymous or share your name. Click here to make your nomination today!

Sign The GenderAvenger Pledge

Tired of the endless parade of all-male panels? Here’s a way that men can celebrate Women’s History Month and help put an end to all-male panels!

Sign the GenderAvenger Pledge and tell the world "I will not serve as a panelist at a public conference when there are no women on the panel." Join the 85 GenderAvengers that have already taken the pledge and make a commitment to no longer speak on all-male panels.

Learn More:

Read these stories by GenderAvenger Pledge signers about why they signed and what they’re doing to create gender balance:

GenderAvenger Goes Old School with a Printable New Tool

To kick off 2016, we created a simple tool to promote gender balance: a printable flyer to help get the GA Tally app into the hands of more conference-goers. Print up a few copies, cut and create tabs at the bottom, and post the flyers at the next conference you attend.

It’s a new twist on old-school organizing. By bringing this flyer to your next conference, you will guarantee that more conference attendees will have access to the GA Tally tocreate more of a buzz about gender ratios. Hall of Fame, Hall of Shame, and Limbo — we want to see every kind of tally! The more people tallying, the more opportunities we have to create change and bring women to the table.

Get Ready for a New Twist on Election Season with the Launch of Who Talks?

Next week we’re launching Who Talks?, a joint GenderAvenger and Center for American Women and Politics at the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University (CAWP) project. Every week, Who Talks? will breakdown the number of women commentators discussing the election on the highest rated morning and evening shows on MSNBC, CNN, and FOX. CAWP will also look more deeply at gender representation and analyze the findings. We will share the data with you every week on GenderAvenger.com so the GenderAvenger community can turn on its powers of persuasion through social media. Stay tuned...

How are you celebrating women’s history month? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet to us with the #genderavenger hashtag.
At @genderavengerwe’re sharing a "#WomensHistoryMonth Avenger of the Day" every day in March, so send us your recommendations and check out the first week of history-making women!