Good Watch & Read | Karen Catlin's TEDx Talk "Women in Tech: The Missing Force"

For those who prefer to read rather than watch, here is Karen Catlin's article based on the talk, "Women in Tech: The Missing Force":

I think we can all agree that diversity is a good thing. On our engineering teams, we want a balance of gender, age, ethnicity, and other qualities to make sure the teams are approaching problems holistically and creating solutions that are going to meet the needs of all kinds of people. In a study by MIT, Carnegie Mellon University, and Union College, they found that women help make a group more effective at solving difficult problems. We need more women to be part of the force solving difficult problems.

By the way, this is true not just for tech, but for every other male-dominated field as well: politics and finance, to name just two.

Read Catlin's full article at Medium here…