Good Reads | Women's Media Center's Report On the Status of Women In the U.S. Media 2014

Dig into the Women's Media Center's The Status of Women In the U.S. Media 2014 report, which shows us that men still make up an average of 63% of the voices we hear on television, in print, and online. The report "provides an abundance of statistical and real-life evidence of the varying, unheard voices and unused talents of women". If you have any doubts about an imbalance in media that favours male voices, this report will convince you of the need for change, and it will give you practical actions to work to affect that change:

The irony is that it would be good FOR the media if they were created by people who reflect this nation’s wonderfully diverse population. People want to consume media in which they can see themselves, media that reflect their experiences.  More people will come to the kind of media that offer these opportunities. This can translate into sustainability for a news organization. And a population that is lucky enough to have a diverse chorus of voices and a lively exchange of views is going to make better decisions and live lives more richly connected to their communities.

To get a quick overview of the report, the Women's Media Center's Divided: The Media Gender Gap infographic below will show you what's up with the ratio of women and men in our media:

The @womensmediacntr's 2014 report shows that tv, print & online media is still 63% male. #genderavenger