Hall of Fame | SXSW's Policy of Inclusion

In 2013, SXSW, an annual music, film and interactive conference and festival, established a new rule for the 2014 event. They posed this question in their FAQ section, "What sort of speaker lineup makes for the best presentations?", and they answered:

There are thousands of extremely qualified women in the media industry. If you are organizing a session with at least three total speakers, then at least one of these speakers must be female.

SXSW knows that a diverse community is a strong community, and they make sure that diversity is built right into the planning and structure of their event.

If you want to know what puts an organization in our Hall of Fame, watch great organizations like this in action. They know that women are much more than problems to accommodate but are strong community members who not only deserve to be heard, but should be heard.

Thank you, SXSW! We are proud to include you in our Hall of Fame.