#GoodRead | Google Doodles, Gender Bias, and What's Being Done About It


There has been a lot of noise recently about Google's lack of female representation in its doodles. Here is a great roundup of posts explaining why this matters and what's being done about:

Women and people of color make up more than 17% and 9% of the population, respectively, and it's a disservice not to represent us. Ryan Germick, Google's Doodle Team Lead, has said via email that he hopes Google will be representing people more equally in its doodles over the coming year, and we're hoping to see that happen, too. In fact, it would be better if they actually ensured better representation than just hoping it will come about.

Come on, Google! Many of us use your services every day. It would behoove you to behave like you actually see us.

Thank to Avengers Peter Glantz and Suebob for bringing this to our attention!

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