Hall of Shame | The Pew Research Center/Internet Innovation Alliance Panel Discussion "Killer Apps in the Gigabit Age"

Pew Research Center/Internet Innovation Alliance's Killer Apps in the Gigabit Age: New Research & Panel Discussion had NO women. It is hard to imagine a productive conversation about new apps that "…transform the economy, health, education, the government and everyday life…" and that cover "…the potential pitfalls and opportunities for the killer apps of the future…" without any women present to be part of the discussion. The Pew Research Center and the Internet Innovation Alliance can do much, much better.

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There were NO women speaking at @pewresearch/@IIABroadband panel. How is this productive? http://www.genderavenger.com/blog/2014/10/9/hall-of-shame-the-pew-research-centerinternet-innovation-alliance-panel-discussion #PewIIA #genderavenger